In 2010, Lisa Shultz and Andrea Costantine published the anthology, Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women. Their goal with this book and its subsequent volumes and spin offs is to provide a beacon of light, hope, and connection for women as they navigate their lives while overcoming challenges and difficulties along the way. They had 49 contributing authors in Volume One who shared their stories of family matters, love and abuse, faith and spirituality, health and healing, and finding their path.

Lisa Shultz enjoys an entrepreneurial life which includes coaching, writing, and speaking. Through sharing her story and the stories of the contributing authors in the book Speaking Your Truth, she hopes to connect women together who might resonate with the messages they read and so realize they are not alone.

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Andrea Costantine always dreamed of being a writer, is a lover of books, and an avid reader. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Andrea is passionate about service, self-expression, and creativity and enjoys unleashing that spirit in others. Andrea is a professional freelance writer, author, speaker, and artist.

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Lisa and Andrea became business partners to create the book Speaking Your Truth. Together they have brought over 40 stories to print in each of three volumes. They have included their own stories in each book to set the stage for the power of sharing the experiences that shape who they are today.

Janice EarhartJanice Earhart the illustrator for the books is delighted to be a part of this wonderful collaboration of women telling their courageous stories.

iZoar is her primary art business and the Village of iZoar is where her whimsical and inspiring characters live.  As an artist, writer and the creator of iZoar you will find her witty, profound, funny, insightful and her characters speak volumes. With a succinct writing style she is able to capture big emotions in a simple sentence. This signature style of whimsical characters and simple clear messages makes her work appeal to women in all walks of life.  Her prints, cards and gifts are sold all over the world in boutiques, galleries and gift stores.

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Cynthia JamesLisa and Andrea were thrilled to have Cynthia James write the Foreword for the first volume.

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