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If you missed our in person Writing Workshop in January of 2011, you may now purchase our DVD! Watch our workshop video at home and get over the block of feeling stuck in your writing!

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Have you dreamed of becoming a publisher author but feel discouraged when thinking about writing an entire book? Well now, you don’t have to. You can become a published author in as little as a few hours….see below to find out how!

Who is this workshop for: This workshop is for anyone who wants to write their personal story, share their wisdom, and get published in a collaborative project or begin working on their own project.

What you’ll discover in this workshop:
1.  Keys to effective story writing
2.  How to convey your message clearly
3.  Brainstorming, ideas, and creative thinking
4.  How sharing your story can support your mission
5.  Ways to complete your story, drop the editor mentality, and get published in the upcoming year.


In the workshop we go over effective story writing,
brainstorm on your story, and help you nail down the
details so you can have a clear beginning, middle, and an end
and be sure to convey your message. Just get ready to write.
You will walk away with a first draft of your story and the
ideas, support, and information needed to complete it.  If you
would like to publish it, you will need to continue working on it
after the workshop and submit it for publishing.


Enjoy Video Testimonies about our Writing Workshop:

Grab Your DVD Today!